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The evolution and continuation of our growth and conversation from Cleveland Talk Radio's 8th Flight, 1490 a.m. Cleveland, Ohio with Imani Manpatu. Meta's (short for Metaphysical) Kitchen understands that being born is not life, nor is it a guarantee that one will obtain it, but merely the opportunity to earn it. Life only yields its coveted prize to those who dares enter the fray to "correctly" remedy the tri-level maladies specifically designed to evolve the mental, spiritual and intellectual capacities of the 'being' made in the image Of. 

Quintessential to that understanding, is unraveling the mystery that surrounds time, space and the natural world; with the key of this magnificent enterprise being Change (evolution.) We explore in this offering the underlying theoretical principles of 'first cause' as we have come to understand it in order to make sense of this magnificent gift called Life!   

Our Mantra ... We draw upon the Ancient wisdom of our honored African Ancestors, setting forth-sacred recipes for living based upon the principles which govern the universe. Embracing collective forces, which shape, control and give meaning to the phenomena we call Life!  MA'AT

W. H. U. E.


Life is not a game nor is it a role of the dice, but a monumental undertaking that requires its beneficiaries to fully participate in the seriousness of its purpose. 

When existence is confused with Life, the meaning and power of its purpose is reduced to mere discussion, pretension and/or assumption that one understands what is before them.  In order to highlight the difference between the two, one need only examine the play out of what one assumes they know. Evidence speaks for itself!


Existence is not "Life"  but a pre-requisite to it.  A meticulous matriculation of the journey up and outward from a state of "mere" existence to achievement of its ultimate goal ... Life itself! (Maturation ) 

                When Humanity Understands Evolution (is Possible)  




If you have allowed the insanity of this current system of things to convince you that the day to day madness we endure is what we were created for; then you have failed the very first test of "Life."    A simple analysis would suggest to a reasoning mind that this would be the reason why Life" continues to elude us!  It is said that when you start with a foolish premise the end is utter madness.  If you believe madness to be your fate then why are we miserable, if not why are we settling? In reality what is happening, is that we are confusing the pain of our continuous impacting of the side of the Mountain we literally refuse to acknowledge.  The Mountain that only you as an individual can remove. Query?  Have you had enough of this insanity yet?  Are you/we prepared to remove it, for you certainly have the power, it's in your will! If so, clue number one: Wayne Dyer put it best..."only through the intellect can Man transcend barriers..."