Realigning SOLE To Purpose



Humble thy-"self" under the mighty hand of Creator...that in due season (time) He will exalt you, that is when you have finished the course - and not one second before that purification is completed. So, straighten up that back-keep your head up, and just get on with it! 


The various Man-made "isms" i.e. racism, sexism and the like, are "permitted" tools for Life's purposes and Life's purposes a-lone! Not some grandiose scheme of the unevolved, supposedly supremacist being, inflicting their insufferable will over the privilege of humanities right to exist.


Men are merely the "tool" or "rod" of correction, refinement and elucidation. To hold a tool or rod in a position of "supposed" authority is not only preposterous, but will absolutely instill a self-destructive base of reference from which to draw conclusion. Ultimately resulting in utter madness in the mind of the Beholder. You were made to live a good life-believe that; so, don't let the test throw you! Square them shoulders; and keep it moving! Those that endure to the end of "Life's" preparatory period shall inherit it!   SIDE NOTE:   Even though The Navy Seals training is known as the toughest in the world it can't even hold a candle to the curriculum of Life!  Question is are you willing to pay it! 

Understand the opportunity you've been given don't waste it or play it cheap; nor allow anyone else to!  Embrace, hold sacred, protect, defend and cherish it! Remember - only the champion takes the prize! It's in you!