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SOLE is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 African American Women's Educational Organization examining the fundamentals of life in order to understand the very marrow of its soul. Since it encompasses mine, I needed to know. A serious quest demands a serious investment.  Correspondingly, I spent 45 years of my existence in a tirelessly painstaking pursuit of the necessary research, experience and testing for the development of a methodical sociological construct to empower those who are interested in achieving a greater understanding of the phenomena we call life and its purpose. Not just the usual make-due but the hands-on mechanisms needed to thrive! It is said that we have been endowed with the ability and power to "Reason" with the Grand Architect of the universe – Then why does Life continue to allude us? Why sit we here on the ground when we have the capacity to soar? Why do we remain in the elemental doctrines of light instead of allowing its quintessence to illumine our pathway to the stars Ashe!  

                        Imani  Manpatu, Founder & Executive Director spirituality definition

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