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    Realigning SOLE To Purpose


    Humble thy-"self" under the mighty hand of Creator...that in due season (time) He will exalt you, that is when you have finished the course - and not one second before that purification is completed. So, straighten up that back-keep your head up, and just get on with it! 

    The various Man-made "isms" i.e. racism, sexism and the like, are "permitted" tools for Life's purposes and Life's purposes a-lone! Not some grandiose scheme of the unevolved, supposedly supremacist being, inflicting their insufferable will over the privilege of humanities right to exist.

    Men are merely the "tool" or "rod" of correction, refinement and elucidation. To hold a tool or rod in a position of "supposed" authority is not only preposterous, but will absolutely instill a self-destructive base of reference from which to draw conclusion. Ultimately resulting in utter madness in the mind of the Beholder. You were made to live a good life-believe that; so, don't let the test throw you! Square them shoulders; and keep it moving! Those that endure to the end of "Life's" preparatory period shall inherit it!   SIDE NOTE:   Even though The Navy Seals training is known as the toughest in the world it can't even hold a candle to the curriculum of Life!  Question is are you willing to pay it! 

    Understand the opportunity you've been given don't waste it or play it cheap; nor allow anyone else to!  Embrace, hold sacred, protect, defend and cherish it! Remember - only the champion takes the prize! It's in you!

    About Substance....

    SOLE is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 African American Women's Educational Organization examining the fundamentals of life in order to understand the very marrow of its soul. Since it encompasses mine, I needed to know. A serious quest demands a serious investment.  Correspondingly, I spent 45 years of my existence in a tirelessly painstaking pursuit of the necessary research, experience and testing for the development of a methodical sociological construct to empower those who are interested in achieving a greater understanding of the phenomena we call life and its purpose. Not just the usual make-due but the hands-on mechanisms needed to thrive! It is said that we have been endowed with the ability and power to "Reason" with the Grand Architect of the universe – Then why does Life continue to allude us? Why sit we here on the ground when we have the capacity to soar? Why do we remain in the elemental doctrines of light instead of allowing its quintessence to illumine our pathway to the stars Ashe!  

                            Imani  Manpatu, Founder & Executive Director spirituality definition

    Substance Of Life Radio WHUE



    The evolution and continuation of our growth and conversation from Cleveland Talk Radio's 8th Flight, 1490 a.m. Cleveland, Ohio with Imani Manpatu. Meta's (short for Metaphysical) Kitchen understands that being born is not life, nor is it a guarantee that one will obtain it, but merely the opportunity to earn it. Life only yields its coveted prize to those who dares enter the fray to "correctly" remedy the tri-level maladies specifically designed to evolve the mental, spiritual and intellectual capacities of the 'being' made in the image Of. 

    Quintessential to that understanding, is unraveling the mystery that surrounds time, space and the natural world; with the key of this magnificent enterprise being Change (evolution.) We explore in this offering the underlying theoretical principles of 'first cause' as we have come to understand it in order to make sense of this magnificent gift called Life!   

    Our Mantra ... We draw upon the Ancient wisdom of our honored African Ancestors, setting forth-sacred recipes for living based upon the principles which govern the universe. Embracing collective forces, which shape, control and give meaning to the phenomena we call Life!  MA'AT

    W. H. U. E.

    Life is not a game nor is it a role of the dice, but a monumental undertaking that requires its beneficiaries to fully participate in the seriousness of its purpose. 

    When existence is confused with Life, the meaning and power of its purpose is reduced to mere discussion, pretension and/or assumption that one understands what is before them.  In order to highlight the difference between the two, one need only examine the play out of what one assumes they know. Evidence speaks for itself!

    Existence is not "Life"  but a pre-requisite to it.  A meticulous matriculation of the journey up and outward from a state of "mere" existence to achievement of its ultimate goal ... Life itself! (Maturation ) 

                    When Humanity Understands Evolution (is Possible)  



    If you have allowed the insanity of this current system of things to convince you that the day to day madness we endure is what we were created for; then you have failed the very first test of "Life."    A simple analysis would suggest to a reasoning mind that this would be the reason why Life" continues to elude us!  It is said that when you start with a foolish premise the end is utter madness.  If you believe madness to be your fate then why are we miserable, if not why are we settling? In reality what is happening, is that we are confusing the pain of our continuous impacting of the side of the Mountain we literally refuse to acknowledge.  The Mountain that only you as an individual can remove. Query?  Have you had enough of this insanity yet?  Are you/we prepared to remove it, for you certainly have the power, it's in your will! If so, clue number one: Wayne Dyer put it best..."only through the intellect can Man transcend barriers..."

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