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The establishment of this organization is a direct result of my personal quest to understand my own existence and  the confusion and pain that permeated  ruled and controlled it.  My life was filled with such misery and pain that  I swore to God that  if I ever found out how to stop that pain, nobody would feel that bad again.
  I found that relief in one of the most known, yet most shunned and neglected tools given to humanity - 'Truth'.  It is said: "that one cannot talk right and walk left," as that realm belongs to the un-evolved child who cannot endure
strong meat, but rather luxuriates himself in the elemental nourishments of first milk

'Truth' is an exact science, an exact science allows no room for error. The rejection of  'Truth' is based in the fact that any engagement of this evolutionary principal will never entertain disingenuousness nor excuse credulous or incredulous behavior's
'Truth'  "will not be played "
         as it
 is the seminal base of Life itself!
For  'Truth'  once embraced as your "only" guide, will unfurl and reveal to you the mysteries of the universe.
Ancient text teaches "ye shall know the
  and the 'Truth'  will  'make'  you free. The word  'make' defined  means to change from one form to another.   'Truth' will cajole, force, reform and transform you, dragging you kicking and screaming to its domain. Severing without benefit of anesthesia all that is unlike itself. Shattering lies through the download of its cathartic elixir into the subconscious regions of the mind;       reawakening and instructing its divine controller in the proper trilateral process of direction, thought, and movement.
'Truth' demands acquiescence!

However be well warned that embracing 
'Truth'  exacts an extremely high price! 

Embarking on this journey will leave you shunned by an unresolved and un-evolved humanity. Burdening you with the
added heartbreak from and by way of those  you hold most dear. Whom are yet even now detaching and disowning you in fear of the backlash (if they are not fellow travelers) which encompasses your person.  Simply because you dared to challenge, standing against (at all odds) the falsehoods that will surely prevent you (as well as themselves) from entering into the boundless beauties of life and all its offerings.

     The price is Life!  

Alone now and left to face the penalty of this wrenchingly critical journey that will indeed try the soul of the seeker,   the journey begins
However, unbeknownst to the traveler (at the moment of embarking on this perilous journey) is the fact that not only is the path they are treading the grandest of all pursuits and very purpose for their existence, but the
determining factor of their worthiness to obtain this coveted prize extended to "all " takers.   

This pursuit against all odds serves as the physical demonstration of their willingness to protect the priceless seed or  'taste of life'  as it were entrusted to them by its very Author.  Truly is it said that if you

are not faithful with something that belongs to another, (which is the opportunity or gift to enter into life and possess it), why should you be trusted with something of your own? 

What would you do to yourself and Humanity if you had Life bereft of the strong guard of the Grim Reaper
standing at the ready!  The question begs an answer and we oblige. 
If you are
destroying the opportunity or the existence you have been momentarily given to pursue, lay hold and eventually obtain
something as magnificent as Life, you certainly cannot be trusted with one of your own without the restrictive containment of cessation.
Cessation is antithetical to Life rendering the mathematical
equation required to prove to a reasoning mind the difference between 'mere' existence and Life. 

Resolute the seeker embraces the call of 'Truth'  seemingly separating and leaving far behind those whom they cherish.

  However, when tried in the fires of in-depth analysis and correctly understood, the Seeker in time comes to find that they pursued not only their own redemption by separating from that 

which would truly destroy the gift they'd received , but it would eventually destroy their loved ones as well if they stayed. 

The intestinal fortitude required in making such an extrordinary decision in light of the overwhelming emotions involved in the walking away from what one loves to embraced in its totality submission to the 

guidelines of  'Truth'  and  'Truth' alone; (the very creator, sustainer and nurturer of life) proves for all times the worthiness of the Seeker. 

This my friend is love most sublime, as the Seekers quest sets in stone the standards of clarity by which not only their loves ones, but
  all of Humanity must lay hold in order to obtain this precious gift, should they choose to follow their example.
For there truly is no greater love than this - demonstration of

As Truth is the

 Substance Of Life!

Imani J. Manpatu
Founder & Executive Director


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