Substance Of Life   



Prepare African Americans for career opportunities in the globally emerging solar energy and sustainable technologies industry.  It is projected that sustainable technologies (such as Solar) represents a 2-4 trillion dollar market over the next 20 years, heightening the awareness of a shortage in photovoltaic products, qualified renewable energy systems designers, technicains and installers. 

US Policy and the world bank's initiative to electrify 100 millon villages affords our organization the opportunity to implement one of its highest goals.  Successful implementation of this project will begin to build an economic base to assist us in the restoration of the African Diaspora.  Our objectives are to:  Train an elite force of vending mechanics to service and repair, new, used and remanufactured vending machines with solar application for the Food and Beverage industry in West Africa.
    Establish a West African Vending Service center (central hub) of technicians deployed throughout Africa in order to lay the groundwork necessary to successful develop the food and vending industry in that region.  Moreover, to replicate this project to all emerging Third World economies.

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