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...Meta's Kitchen
Our Mantra -
We draw upon the Ancient wisdom of our honored African Ancestors, setting forth-sacred recipes for living based upon the principles which govern the universe. Embracing collective forces, which shape, control and give meaning to the phenomena we call Life!

 Meta's (short for Metaphysical) Kitchen understands that being born is not life, nor is it a guarantee that one will obtain it, but merely the opportunity to earn it. Life only yields its coveted prize to those who dares enter the fray to "correctly" remedy the tri-level maladies specifically designed to evolve the mental, spiritual and intellectual capacities of the 'being' made in the image Of

Quintessential to that understanding, is unraveling the mystery that surrounds time, space and the natural world; with the key of this magnificent enterprise being Change (evolution.) We explore in this offering the underlying theoretical principles of 'first cause' as we have come to understand it in order to make sense of this magnificent gift called Life!

 Substance Of Life Radio found its beginnings in a personal quest to understand the disparity between the unmatched beauty of creation and the continuous suffering and pain experienced by far too many of its inhabitants. Serious contemplation of the abundance and diversity of life and the natural provision for the same forces a reasoning mind to conclude that there is a 'gross' disconnect between the seemingly natural purpose and the playing out of that purpose. Forcing a sane person to ask "what in God's name is this mess here -  'cause this "ain't it!"   Is this for real??  You actually want me to believe that this mess is Life - Really?? Substance Of Life Radio was designed to answer that question.  To address these concerns we have developed the following educational programs:

 African Tales:    

…A Set of short stories, dramatization and metaphysical tales for both young and old to explain and make accessible the laws which govern life and success.

Ancient Teknology:   The inestimable plundering of African Mythology by the marauding invaders of the Mother Land has absolutely wrecked havoc on the minds, hearts and destinies of the inhabitants of this planet. The abuse, distortion and linear exploitation of this sacred knowledge has led to the destruction of entire races of people, plant, animal and even microbial life. Abuse of this teknology has destroyed the very food we eat, the air we breath, as well as, the water we drink to say nothing of the minds capable of communicating with the Grand Architect of the Universe. This program will focus in on and give our best efforts to correct and/or resurrect the intentions of our Ancestors for this knowledge. 

Love Notes - The Message:
     Unbasterdized Music is a universal system of language by which skilled and noble artisans tap the higher nature of humanity to persuade and move in directions which are beneficial to themselves and the Human Family. Specifically focused  "The Message" uncovers and reveals the secrets of freedom and power embeded within the music. Our programming will access the inaccessible in order to take a revealing look at Black music and the love notes sent to us by the Breathe Giver. Too long have we danced and shaken our tail feathers to these messages without understanding the deeper meanings contained within the beat of jazz, blues, soul and rock & roll. We will also explore music of other members of the Human family as well. As hidden within the depths of the melody line are the lessons and clues that assist us to  explore the curriculum within the music that raises the consciousness and brings instruction and the understanding to the concept of One!

Metalaumu:     Call for The Scientists, is a program designed to advanced, inform, educate and encourage interest in the sciences. Renewable Energies, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Astronomy, Metaphysic's, Medicine, Biomimicry, etc.

Mind Motion:                   
A series of radio
dramas designed to give our audience not only the tools to have success in life but the proper utilization of these tools in their moment to moment realities.  Defining the difference between "Actuality" and 'Reality' and how not to
confuse the two
'in' the  world, but not 'of ' it!" -  The howto's of  'dealing' in one and 'building' in the other.  More importantly instilling the critical understanding that "never the 'twain must meet!"  

Round Midnight::
A program airing lectures of powerful speakers, who believe in the concept of one, the healings of the nations.

Square One Project: The general lack of knowledge as to what exactly Democracy is and how it works has ultimately stymied the natural expressions of it in the community of the African American.  Even though they understand that the idea of democracy is good, their daily experiences rarely bare any resemblance to the nobility of that concept. More of a tragedy is that Democracy is an African "concept" both natural  and divine coming to us from Kemet (Egypt) by way of Greece.  A legacy left by our Ancestors to the world, yet we suffer and benefit the least.   The community of the African-American continuing inability to activate inalienable freedoms guaranteed by the Creator of life due to this lack of knowledge causes most to lose hope.  Well is it said "my people perish for lack of knowledge"... This program is designed to change that by eliminating the contradictory mental constructs to freedom, as it were, ..“abolishing the forms to which they are all too well accustomed” i.e. helplessness, ignorance and anger. Teaching them how to extract or 'tease out' both the divine and natural principles of liberation as set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  "WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS.." Breathing life into them through their ownership of and responsibility to the extremely difficult task of converting a principle from its state of 'concept' to the implementation of its physical form (the word became flesh.)  Enabling them to build with their own hands new guards which insure the preciousness of life, health, happiness and safety for themselves, their families and respective communities. 

These are the essentials of lif

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