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Substance Of Life Enterprises, Incorporated (SOLE INC)
 A Non-Profit 501 (c) 3
African American Women’s Educational Organization

               Our Purpose.....

Creating Nations
   Responsible For Themselves
    "One Mind At A time"
Our Methodology.....
Draws its impetus from African Antiquity.  Our motivation for the products and services we offer are founded upon a comprehensive assemblage of well ordered facts,
principles and disciplines.  Extractions of natural law harmoniously forged with  melodic patterns of thought which serve the greater good. 

Life is not a game nor a role of the dice, but a monumental undertaking that requires its beneficiaries to fully participate in the seriousness of its purpose.  Existence is not Life but a pre-requisite to it.  A meticulous matriculation of the journey up and outward from a state of "mere" existence to achievement of its ultimate goal ... Life itself!    Here is error:  If you have allowed the actualities of the current system of things, that which the Ancients called the "is-is-not"  to convince you that the croppings of an extremely sick and twisted mind is Life, well, then my friend you've failed the first test. 

No conqueror can lay claim to have defeated you, for it is you and you alone who has, and continues to defeat
your own self through lack  of knowledge of that which created you.
Any thoughts arising from this twisted (is-is-not) mindset is death. Slow, painful,
self-defeating, agonizing, light diminishing,
de-evolving, spirit killing death!

The Danger.....
"As a man thinketh so is He"
Learn who you are, not who they say your are!  
More succinctly, who you don't even realized you are being!

Man Know Thyself

Wayne Dyer put it best..."only through the intellect can Man transcend barriers..."

Man know thyself is not of Greek origin as premixed and promulgated in Western Culture, but is of surety African design. It is a Stolen Legacy (George G. M. James). 
The term Greek philosophy is also a misnomer for it does not exists. The religious systems that the world  have come to know emanates out of the knowledge and wisdom of Original Man.  For five thousand years Greeks were banned from the Motherland. When they were permitted the corruption of Philosopy began.  The subsequent invasion by Alexander and his plunder and pillage of the Royal temples and libraries yielded the bounty cemented and misnomered as Greek Philosopy. It is from Egypt (Kemet- KMT)) the Proverb " Man Know Thyself " had it origin.  
  Truth:  If you don't pull up and level off out of the grip, control and gravitational 
pull of the mind-set status quo
you're going down!

For it is written....,
 When you start with a foolish premise
the end is utter madness! 

Here’s the shocker
 My beloved Black Brothers and Sistah’s, the only one that can carry out the original programming given by the giver of life is the original man and the orginal woman. You are not him, you are not her!  You have been beaten, corrupted, folded, spindled and manipulated into the image of an oppressors agenda, better known as the politically incorrect appellation Nigga.  No amount of clothing, speech or language, book reading or organizational joining is going to change that.  Only utilization of the born again technology begins that restoration.  You must then painstakingly unmanufacture the entirety of  what you have become under its dictates; or as Bro. Dick Gregory says " you've got to un-mess up your mind" to regain that stature.  That means the reverse engineering of all that you've become under this scheme of things.  The script fashions it on this wise..."For the time past must suffice to have worked the "will" of the Gentiles, when you walked in lasciviousness etc..."   When you work the will of someone else it denotes a state of bondage,  that which is againt your own will.  You are not yourself you are a product of a twisted mind.   No amount of money, position, or social status will erase this blot, you are still Nigga.  Not Nigga in someone elses opinion of you, but in your own mind and actions whether you realize it or not. Your very actions speak louder than any words ever could!   That is why you must be born again.  The African Statement - not Greek teaches us  "Man Know Thyself!"  We’ve gone from ruling our children to being ruled by them.  Ruling the world, to being denigrated, used, abused, castrated, blamed and defamed by the very world that we peopled; and this is the
deoxyribonucleic truth that no one can or will get around. They can tell as many lies as they want to, it will never change the reality of the title Progenitor!  Shake off these shackles beloved and know that only the total renewing of your mind, spirit and body is solution.  Anything else is illusion!  Though the journey back is a long and arduous one, it is one that you are innately capable of achieving and one you must complete if it is Life that you seek.

It is written....
"For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth
for the manifestation of the sons of God..."

Herein lies (in more ways than one) the Problem....

When existence is confused with Life, the meaning and power of its purpose is reduced to mere discussion,
pretension and/or assumption that one understands what is before them.  In order to highlight the difference between the two, one need only examine the play out of what one assumes they know.  
  Living in a constant state of 
disenfranchisement and victimization without the benefit of the purpose and intention which lay beyond the actuality of one's enslavement, denigrates the spirit to such an extent that it derails the natural evolutionary process for the many challenges that Life, and Life alone subjects them to.
Contrary to popular belief, subjugation or suffering is a redemptive process.  A means to an end; not an end, in and of itself. 
Humble thyself under the mighty hand of Creator...that in due season (time) He will exult you, that is when you have completed the course, and not one second before or after that time.
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven. 

"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."
An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise."
Victor Hugo

Dissecting Actuality...              

 The various
Man-made "isms" i.e. racism, sexism and the like, are "permitted" tools for Life's
purposes and Life's purposes a-lone!  Not some grandiose scheme of the unevolved, supposedly supremist being, inflicting their insufferable will over the privilege of humanities right to exist.  Men are merely the "tool" or "rod" of correction, refinement and elucidation.  To hold a tool or rod in a position of "supposed" authority is not only preposterous, but will absolutely instill a self-destructive base of reference from which to draw conclusion.  Ultimately resulting in utter madness in the mind of the Beholder.

Howbeit  - ‘Tho test and trial, come through Men, it is not Man. Nor is it their inane systems of injustice concocted to work mischief. No, what torments us day and night are the forces of Life itself determining whether or not those slated to receive this magnificent gift are indeed worthy of it.

Trials come without respect to rich or poor; male or female, young or old, free or bond, preference nor hue. Whether through the auspices of the inhumanity of "isms," or the legitimate and/or fraudulent wealth, status, human governorship or world conquests. The ultimate tester of existence remains Life. Regardless of the many and varied forms and expressions it so chooses to manifest itself in, in line with its purpose. Life demands understanding of this.

Moreover, pressed with that understanding, the seeker will also find to their amazement that they have been innately endowed with both the power and inalienable right to perceive, analyze, critique and masterfully employ the skills required to extract the "precious" from the "vile".  It is the mastering of the trials set before us which reveals, defines, critiques, evolves and brings on line the critical tools needed to continue the upward movement toward their goal. 

                                             Life is a destination

The "true" seeker discovers that the trials and challenges which beset them, are the very Table set before them in the presence of the 'corruptors' of Life promised to all by the giver of Life!

                            Even in trial. I shall not want. I have no lack 
                                       For the Table is set before me!

They now are beginning to understand that the seemingly unconquerable challenges are not only necessary, but worthy of their Creators purpose for the gift.

 Bereft of this knowledge, one's only recourse is degenerating capitulation. Settling only for the various perverted assimilations of choice, (Hell with ice water, carpeting and air conditioning; Or as it were, the straight no chaser acceptance of an existence in Hell minus the perks ....

                                   Pershing For Lack Of Knowledge


So beaten down by Life's challenges are they; so devoid of the true understanding of the purpose for the challenges they face, they simply lose hope and give up. Depleted and dishearten they ultimately succumb to the belief that this is all there is. Choosing either, to ignore the reality of this condition by way of the multiple distractions which never satisfy; or simply shut down, accept their fate and try to make the best of it. Either are just as dead!

 Sadly, this is not the ultimate insanity. No, the ultimate insanity is the passing of this putrid form of 'assumed' knowledge from generation to generation. This Death that masquerades itself as Life!

Anything that you do not understand ultimately
manifests itself in mutually assured
destruction of both you and that which you seek! 
Well is it said, "my people perish for lack of knowledge."
Sadder still is the descriptive clarity of the Songwriters

    We play the street life,
        Because there's no place we can go
                                Street life – it's the only life we know
                      Street life – and there's a thousand parts to play
                       Street life – until we play our lives away

Randy Crawford

     How will they know if they are not taught
          How will they learn if they will not listen
                      They kill the Teachers & Stone the Prophets

                 Our Goal.....

Restoring the natural, historical, spiritual, political and economic greatness of Black African People.  Why?  Because one of the best kept secrets in the entire world is this, only when the Progenitor of the Human Family, and that is 'Black African People,' regains their rightful and divine place in the sun, can the total Human Family even hope to achieve its highest good. It is our belief and surety of knowing that when the root” of humanity is straightened the “fruit” of Humanity achieves it's Zenith.

          The Universe is One - The Human Family is One
                    This is the Deoxyribonucleic Acid Truth -

 Of DNA Real!  



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