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In the Book of Asclepius (or Imhotep), Trismegistus Hermes (Tehutti)  says…

It befits the wise to know all things in advance, of this you must not remain ignorant…”   ..”Imhotep, why do you weep? Egypt herself will be persuaded to deeds much wickeder than these, and she will be steeped in evils far worse. A land once holy, most
loving of divinity, by reason of her reverence the only land on earth where the gods settled... 
… she who taught holiness and fidelity will be an example of utter unbelief…."When all this comes to pass Asclepius (Imhotep), then the master and father, the god (little “g”) whose power is primary (Leader-President...will take a stand against the vices and the perversions in everything..."


One recovering from physical and mental oppression will come to find that it is not an easy fix; as the tentacles of that oppression lies deep,.  Not only 
within the subconscious memory of their corrupted minds, but it has actually embedded and overwritten itself in the very structure of their DNA.  In order to remedy this situation, a state of continual recovery  and renewal is required. Therefore this page is subject to subsequent revisions as new information emerges and higher levels of understanding and consciousness is achieved.

The script teaches us “not to be conformed to this world (i.e. its ideas, customs, teachings, thought patterns and practices) but be transformed by the renewing of your mind". What that means in simple terms, is that the depths of this corruption is unfixable through human methodology alone.  Just about everything we have been taught is antithetical (or destructive) to not only ourselves, but  every life form and thing on, in, around, above, between and even beneath this planet.  So severe is the damage until the originator of humanity not only encourages, but commands not even to trust in our own understanding on how to get out of  it.  Meaning...Do not initiate any plan, but rather return the product (ourselves) immediately back to the manufacturer!    Serious stuff, just think about that! Let it soak into your consciousness!  Not to trust in our own minds - why?  Simply because they are too warped and perverted by the experience.  For the boy the oppressed and most assuredly their oppressors

Moreover, we are counseled to place the entire matter completely in the hands and will of the Giver of life, so that we may be restored back to the path of purpose and sanity.  Now please understand, this is not religion, its' reality! 
 Deny or ignore it if you choose, but you will be unable to refute or disprove it!

  We have indeed been subjected to blind leaders and the blind leadings of the blind!


Now please don’t be nonsensical with these statements. You’ve learned to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, how to cook, plant, build, put your clothes on etc.  The counsel is not speaking to those things.  What it is speaking to however, are those things which are self-evident.  When we look at the failure in our marriages, our religious and political system, our so called institutions of higher learning, health care, environment, financial system and our “so-called” humanity which governs and speaks into our day to day activities, we will come to find that the sum total of these endeavors produces things which do not 

That is what we mean by being self-evident. 
 We constantly 
entertain vanities; activities and pursuits that spoil the essence of both ourselves and others.  

The lack of character within us detracts from our ability to maintain the intestinal fortitude required to cling to truth no matter the cost or sacrifice.  Thus ..the madness of our existence. 

 We have become beast like in our behavior, selfish, petty, self-serving, incontinent-unrestrained and uncontrolled. 
  Selfish, unkind, greedy, boastful , conceited, insulting, treacherous, disobedience, ungrateful , lovers of pleasure and swollen with pride."  The book declares that all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; love your neighbor as yourself. It warns ..."But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed of one another, self evident! He that digs a pit shall fall into it!  Self-evident!
These clear and self-evident truths reveal even to a blind man that what we have become to date needs to die; and a new you, a new me, a new them, a new they, a new us, a new we  MUST be born again!  Because the other me, you, them, they, us, we are unfit, simply because the beings that we have become; the beings that this worlds' system has made of us, destroys everything and everybody we put our hands on. I defy you to disprove the reality of this statement because when you do the mirror of the world says that you lie!  
Imhotep, why do you weep.....

..."They will prefer shadows to light, and they will find death more expedient than life. ."   "The reverent will be thought mad, the irreverent wise; the lunatic will be thought brave, and the scoundrel will be taken as a decent person."  

It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!  
Look at this mess! Look at our children! Products of

a horrendously disfigured mind steeped in denial. Look at the way in which they are in exquisite precision falling not far from the corrupted tree we have become. Honed products of our very own selves! Sick, dysfunctional, illogical, jaded,  irrational, self-destructive  politically correct, socially acceptable clinically insane.  Marvin says "if you want to live, save the babies - all of the children. But who really cares, who is willing to try to save a world that is destined to die".  Self-evident!  This is the truth of this world which cannot be disproved nor denied.  If you can actually sit down and look at the mess that this world is in and declare we are sane, you sicker than you know!

y own personal understanding and acceptance of this reality equips me to say that what we have been taught has been bastardized, uncolored, whitewashed and more often than not straight forward lied about.  In a book called the Hollow Earth with  foreword written by Robert Fieldcrest sums up the condition of this planet on this wise...
                           "Truth is such a rare quality, a stranger 
      so seldom met in this civilization of fraud that it is never received freely, but must fight its way into the world. There is not a public school,  which teaches the truth about Religion, Health, the money system, politics of how to buy and sell. Few in the U. S. dare state the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any subject (even if they know the truth.) This is especially true of the “educated” scientists and men high and mighty.   Governments would topple – money and credit would vanish.  There would be utter chaos and high-ranking individuals would be ruined socially and economically."

      In essence, we need to chuck it and start all over again.  We need a revelation!  But as the Harvey says, hold on - slow down -  wait a minute" there is a cure, there is remedy, the plan
           is already in motion embodied in of all things ....

                        The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse!

Hint: According to Wikipedia the word apocalypse in Greek simply means a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. it literally means  the veil to be lifted ...

I was taught, as many of you were that the Black Horse and its Rider were harbingers of a world-wide famine. To say the least I was terrified as I am sure most of you who heard that teaching were as well. However, as I got older I began to understand a few things about myself and the existence I had been given. It appears that the power that gave me place, also gave me a mind to think, analyze, grow and become conversant within the context of the reason and purpose for that existence. A place and an existence that now had not only been usurped  by the corrupters of Life, but judicially redirected. 



The continuous struggles involved with belonging to a people trapped in the grips of oppression demands a serious renewal of one’s mind, a renewal that can only be achieved  through   intensive study, meditation, discipline and prayer. Through my subsequent growth I slowly began to understand and truly appreciate the value of the coded, symbolic references of Nature's analysis through science and metaphysics. "Day unto day utters speech and night unto night shows knowledge. there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard." This evolution gave credibility to the playwright's chide ...“it ain‘t necessary so!“ Thus enlightened, I began my study anew.  I began to examine what I had been taught under the auspices of that oppression, and from that vantage point the flood gates of knowledge slowly began opening to me. 

I have loved the Bible from a child and continue to engrossed myself in the sacred melodies of its teachings. There are many things I can say about this book but one of the most important things that I have learned, is that it is a sacred trust of love (stolen, copied and plagiarized from Egypt (Kemet) to us from our beloved Ancestors.   A message transmuted across time to their children darker than blue. I will share some of the findings of this table set because me in the presence of…..

               The shameless subversion by cunning and deceitful men of the Ancestors intent for the development of religion as an educational tool has fostered great ignorance, as well as, horrendous disrespect toward that well intended discipline. All of which the Ancestors well knew would happen The unspeakable despotisms that followed the oppressors diabolical co-optation of religion left in its wake either slaves  or mourners; and served well to close the hearts and minds of our people to the vitally important information contained within the script.   Moreover because erring humanity has foolishly chosen as its mode of operation emotion, (as opposed to reason), these treasures still for the most part remain untapped. Therefore, in order to benefit from the provisions of our great Ancestors, it is necessary to take a clear, unemotional and unbiased look at the treasure therein.  For contained within these mysterious script were life-bearing seeds set adrift on the sea of time; hidden well from the understanding of the masses, yet purposely wrapped in a thin vale designed to be broken by the unscrupulous dealers in fraud, whose lust were easily satisfied by the temporal appearance of power to enslave and make merchandise of the simple.

      Undaunted, these truths adroitly continued on their predestined journey; carrying still in tack within it scrolls, the life endowing tenants prepared before the foundation of the universe for the chosen generation awaiting its interpretation and the necessary frame work and application to make manifest the greatest mystery of the ages
@"Imani 2000"

                           Note of Clarity ….       

   I began to realize that with the exception of the Black Horse and its Rider, this was the only messenger whose   instructions were to bring balance to this planet. Interesting...This rider is dealing with the economy - really - things that pertain to life on earth in the midst of mass destruction?  What????  It kind of speaks to the concern of Jesus and the new government that he was here to bring about.  In the middle of all of this upheaval he stopped and noted the inconsistencies of the current world's activities and the correction that had to be brought  about when he said  “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”  This was never taught - Why in the world would he speak to this?  It seems that he's concerned about the economy, when we all were taught to focus on heaven only - hummmm?   I smell a rat!  A point of clarity - He knows how the world was made, the animals that were created were fairing well, but the man who would be put in charge to rule them didn't even have a place to lay their heads - no economy - no ability to take care of himself and his family why?  Something is wrong here, lets see.   - Too much religion - not enough truth!     Divine economy  or the Creators directions for man's economy is listed in Matt 6  .."but seek first the kingdom of God or government and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Why did we need to know this when we were heaven bound  - right?  But I digress... Does that mean I don't have to work - ab-so-lute-ly not.  Because it also says that if man does not work then he should not eat!  So no, that is not what it is saying.  What it is saying is that the blueprint for your economy is in the learning of principles that govern this planet and the proper execution of those principles are critical or you will become fodder!  Sweetheart that's serious work.  Seek the rules and regulations provided to man by its Creator, not this market place.  Because as the script warns how shall I liken this generation, it's like CHILDREN playing in the market place, and that is exactly what they are doing.   Playing with not only the market place, but your soul!  Making merchandise of you!
              I see disconnect and discrepancy  - hummmm

Notice that all the rest of the Riders were dealing with death and subjugation, yet this one was balancing the economy so that people could live, I mean really live, not just exist!  Wow - how crazy is that?  Or should I say - not crazy but age changing ...end of the age changing - new world order changing  Uhmmmmmmmm. 

Now this may or may not bring clarity to you in and of itself. However when I call your attention to a verse recorded in the 11th Psalms and the first verse declaring that

         A false balance is an abomination to the LORD,
                           But a just weight is His delight.”

Imbalance according to the Bible God hates. Psalms 11 is only one of the verses that notes his displeasure. It can also be found in Prov. 20-23; Prov 16-11; and throughout the script

The instructions given to the rider of this horse (Black) are totally and completely antithetical to the other riders on the red, white and pale horses. Moreover, antithetical to our understanding of what the four horses of the Apocalypse really mean.

   Notes Of Clarity…. On The Assignments

The white and red horses coupled with the pale horse whose rider was death (and hell following with him) were either bent on world conquest or total subjugation of humanity.  Their orders were to take peace from the earth and/or depopulate or murder 1/3 and ¼ of the Human Family, literally 7/12 of all human life on this planet. A frightening pronouncement for sure. If you approach this from a natural ecological stance these horses are compared with a natural phenomena called entropy which is a principle of nature - meaning the inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. Also akin to a statement Jesus related to the confused folk who did not understand Nature or their Creator when they griped to him about Harold sacrificing good folk on his alter of death with him replying:   "Suppose ye that these Galilean were sinners above all the Galilean, because they suffered such things?...:  "and except ye repent (or change your methodology, your mindset or the energy you rolling in) ye shall ALL likewise perish." Why, because  "My People are DESTROYED for the  lack of KNOWLEDGE"  (Hosea 4-6)  Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?"  This is talking about growth and the consequences of not doing so - read the account
in Luke  13 1-9.  

 As a matter of fact the book of Revelations being many things but one specific thing that I want to highlight is the ecological and/or the environmental damages it speaks to.  Natures rebellion.  The putting down of corrupted government and/or individual control which is antithetical to MAAT (long story) or the  principals that govern this planet.  What nature cannot improve it removes.  The land will vomit you out. 

Contrary to popular opinion one just can't go around doing   their own thing in a closed universe - there are certain laws that sustain life.  If you don't comply with the principles that sustain life (nature) you won't have life.  Nature will give you minute to get with that, but the reality is that it's our own individual choice to live or die.  If we choose death it will certainly accommodate us.  For it is definately no respecter of persons.  It is us and our lack of knowledge that places us in harms way..  Ignorance is a luxury no one can afford.  We put it (ignorance) on our plates through lack of knowledge, being led astray by foibles scientifically designed to occupy our time via the blind leaders of the blind, and/or the darkness that is within our individual hearts. 

When we fall prey to our own foolishness and lack of responsibility for our existence we empower those who have no interest in the well being of humanity to bring on line things like this....please note if you will, the harmony of the horses orders to the reality of the news article  and/or  policies that are, as we seek in place..

According to an Associated Press - San Francisco article run in The Cleveland Plain Dealer on February 22, 1994 Page 5-A read thusly....

"Earth Will support fewer folks

Earth's land, water and cropland are disappearing so rapidly that the world population must be slashed to 2 billion on less by 2100 to provide prosperity for all in that year; said a study released yesterday.  The alternative if trends continue, is a population of 12 billion to 15 billions and an apocalyptic  worldwide scene of absolute misery, poverty, disease and  starvation said the study's  author, David Pimental an ecologist at Cornell University..."

Sites of Research:

Again...According to Wikipedia the word apocalypse in Greek simply means a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. it literally means 
the veil to be lifted ...

        With those noted observations read the prophecy..

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine.


This is very interesting as we take a lesson or code from Nature.  Barley is less nutritious than wheat, and to many people is less agreeable in flavor. It is likewise somewhat inferior in point of digestibility. Its starch cells being less soluble, they offer more resistance to the gastric juice. A poorer grain, a poorer people, a poorer outlook and a poorer position of power.  I will speak more to this later. However if you note both commodities are purchased by the same penny. I could do a metaphysical breakdown of this text forever and a day and still probably not exhaust or totally understand it.  Be that as it may I'll cut to the chase.  Simply put, it is a balance between rich and poor.  They are being goaded through the bitterness of poverty to strive for a different level of life skill and knowledge through the bitterness of their struggles.  The poor will no longer bare the burden of the rich.  Every person will bare their own burden.   In understanding prophecy you look for a sign or situation that matches the symbol.

Today as always, t
he poor fuel the rich.  You work on their jobs they pay you  nothing, not even respect.  We pay their share of taxes and ours.  If you owe the government over $10,000 or more you get away with paying only a fraction of what you owe.  If you owe them $500.00 or less they will hound you to the grave to get it, every last penny.   The poor cannot get that break, but the rich do.   It is a fact, a principle of accounting that this economy cannot function unless, there are so many unemployed, so many in prison, so many homeless out of doors and out of luck. It can only function if a certain percentage of humanity suffers.  That's a little sick!  Any time you have an economy that can only function if some of its citizens are disenfranchised then we have to come up with a new economy. We need a balance, we need remedy.  Thus is the state of affairs that the Rider on the Black Horse was sent to correct! 

                    Ignorance of the signs of the time no option!                                                                    

   In President Bill Clinton's commencement speech to the     
          2007 Graduating Class Of Harvard University,
  He categorically stated that the world cannot continue
                            its current methodology...

    It is too insecure,
too unstable and
too unequal,
thus unsustainable

              A Change must come.... Part 2 is most telling

Part 1

                                                                 Part 2

                                              Part 3   

  The Ride Of The Black Horse

  When the Lamb broke the third seal, I heard the third living being say,
I looked up and saw a black horse, and its rider was holding


Pair of scales in his Hand.

2 plus 2 = 4, 4 twice  = 44th

Horses are synonymous with Political Power
The Ride Of The Black Horus  
say it slowly

Hillary Clinton...

The Rich are not paying their fair share!


"Brazil has the highest tax-to-GDP rate in the Western Hemisphere and guess what — they're growing like crazy," Clinton said. "And the rich are getting richer, but they're pulling people out of poverty."

Both Clinton and Obama campaigned for the presidency on promises to allow the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans to expire this year, a plan that is now part of Obama's budget. The move will effectively raise taxes sharply on people earning more than $250,000.

The administration's new formal strategy document makes the case that domestic economic strength is crucial to influence abroad.

 Principle: Balance of forces produces Equilibrium

Gravity always acts downward on every object on earth. Gravity multiplied by the object's mass produces a force called weight. Although the force of an object's weight acts downward on every particle of the object, it is usually considered to act as a single force (one Human Family)  through its balance point, or center of gravity. If the object has its weight distributed equally throughout, its balance point is located at its geometric center. If the object has unequal weight distribution, its balance point or its center of gravity may not be at its geometric center. balance_of_forces.html

A strong middle class ensures shifting wealth.  Without that balance the opportunity to pull yourself out of deplorable social conditions is thwarted.  This balance gives opportunity to men and women who are determined enough to gain greater opportunity to improve their lot through urelenting struggle.  Tho' arduous, without this balance there is no hope.  You have to bring it!  Without this struggle, one has assigned themselves of their own accord to the permanent underclass replete with all of its life defeating attributes.  Don't just sit there.. As it states in the book
."work out your own salvation"  
Another incredibly interesting thing about barley are its properties...

More On Barley...
Barley is bitter and sweet, cool, breaks up stool, increases intelligence and appetite, good for the voice, gives strength, destroys the humor of phlegm and bile, clears the blood impurities, cures coryza and satisfies the thirst.  Those are some attributes. 

The first time I had a sandwich with barley bread, I thought I was going to die (smile) My God, was it bitter, horribly bitter - whew!  I've had barley soup which I enjoyed and just maybe barley bread is supposedly an acquired taste, I dont know.  Be that as it may, in spite of the bitterness it is  extremely good for you. So too is test, trial and/or Barley.  W
hy?  Because it increases your intelligence for after you have tasted the bitterness of slavery, disenfranchisement etc you will gladly (that is if you are sane) participate in your own liberation. 

Truth becomes your best friend and you will follow it wherever it leads and do all that is in your power to eliminate the things that put you in such a position in the first place.  It is good for your voice,  simply because it gives you one.   Notice the decree was for 3 measures,   Why 3?  Three because you need cleansing for the mind,  body and your spirit.  Again, I could decode this forever, but it is summed up with the embracing of truth..


         Truth is a peculiar thing my friend. Like a raging
torrent, phases of in and out, turnings round about under and over itself.
     Ever evolving deepening, climbing, yes climbing forever demanding that its devotees follows its lead. Whether hill or dale or to the very depths of hell to glean its meanings. It takes them bleeding - kicking and screaming. It cajoles convicts dragging you all the way to the heights of soul illumination then plunging you down to the Depths and breath of  
      darkness to
peruse the seminal beginnings of what substance of life
was  meant to be, for those who'd dared the journey to embrace the 
      essence of true reality.  Cutting, severing without benefit of
anesthesia all that is unlike itself. Shattering the lies, whether they are
         from the hips, hands, knees or lips; of momma, daddy,
              teacher, preacher, lover, friend or foe. Always onward upward
                    steadily it goes 'till it deposits you at the feet of
       empirical's door. Soothing only now your battle beaten brow with 
         the tender cool refreshing respite of wisdoms clarity as you lay
        breathlessly cradled in the untainted lap of love's eternal mystery.  

Yes - this truth is a peculiar thing my friend.  Sweet on the tongue, yet bitter in the belly of taste, that knowing that only spirit understands, or even attempts to evaluate. For it is spirit, alone that discerns its face.

 Separating men from boys regardless of the amount or sizes of their toys - yea woman from girls revealing seminal joys - Unfeigned-untainted by the multiplicity of her voluminous coys - TRUTH!
                                                 Imani@ 2001

The Rider says - the rich will pay their share and the poor will pay their share.  No longer will the poor carry the taxes of the rich.  As James taught us all...

I don't want no-body giving me nothing - open up the door I'll get it myself!

                              The Horus is riding are you? 

                    What are these symbols trying to tell us.

What the Ride Of The Black Horse (Horus) is simply saying, is that when a Black President is elected in the metaphorical Egypt (United States) or Babylon the ride of the Black Horus or horse who will bare the title of the 44th President of the United States has an assignment.  Carrying in his hand a pair of balances 4 is foundation and he is double 4 heaven and earth will all balance. 44 is a master number The number 44 is considered the Master of Material and Spiritual Power.  Driven to bringing good to and for humanity.  This ride brings in the beginning age of the restoration of balance to this confused little planet.
   Though the opposition is fierce they will not prevail against him!  For it is nature the very force of life they battle.  The very survival of this planet rests on his ride.    Be well advise - what nature does not improve it removes for the good of Humanity!   For love, correction or the good of the land it is decreed! 


As it is written so shall it be done!

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